I am a music consultant specialising in music teaching using adaptive solutions for the individual for example this could be using Eye controllers to DJ or control music software or even hardware.

example adaptive solutions:

Eyegaze (Eye control) and DJ/Production software (Cubase/Logic/Ableton/ and VJ software)

Switch based adaptations - to control and perform music

Specialist accessible music software - Apollo Ensemble and E-Scape

Autism and music workshops using tech and acoustic instruments

Stroke and paralysis adaptations for music learning and creation.

I am a qualified music teacher (BA/PGCE/MA and currently a PHd student) with full DBS with over 20 years experience in mainstream schools, SEN schools and adult education. I currently have clients at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability and am a trainer and consultant for university students and music therapists.

Please contact me for rates, I charge by the hour and am happy to travel but will include travel expenses/time.  Wherever possible I will offer training to music leaders, teachers, therapists alongside any consultancy that I do. This is so that leaders or carers can learn how to use accessible and adaptive technologies and can then lead sessions by themselves.  I am a big believer in sharing information and talking through ideas and solutions so please get in touch! 

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